Monday, September 19, 2011

the stunning conclusion of a terrible idea

The answer is was looking for was ‘see you laters.’ Because you can see the corn later in your poop. Seether what I did? I just did that twice.
Lost? Me too. Confused? Take a number. So who saw the guys in Montreal the other night? Yeah nobody did. Seether decided not to play as Seether. We did a special show as Seiber at Foufounes Electriques. It was pretty amazing. So was that bartender. It’s a pretty frenchy name for a pretty frenchy bar. But some times new things need to break out in weird clubs. It was guest list only that night. And nobody was on it.
At this point it’s all business and money for these guys. They got gigs playing at weddings and Quinceañeras. Speaking of weddings, sorry Omaha we will not be there this weekend. Seiber is playing a gig at their friends wedding.
Speaking of weekends if yer at the show in Chicago and read this before you go to the show break out your cell phones and record ‘tonight.’ We are filming a video of it and will be using fan videos as well. Were do you send the videos to? Beats me but I bet if you do some research you’ll find it somewhere. I’d start at Hopefully this gets posted ‘tonight’. Wait, what, did I just do it again. Oopsies.
Speaking of oopsies I just farted more than I could chew. WAIT!! That sounds completely wrong. Gotta go dinner is making my stomach upset. Bob-blob tour-blog.


  1. Speaking of blobs, I'll never get married! Not 'tonight' not tomorrow. I won't see you again till your on the upper east coast again. But I'll be right here, at all your blobbity blob blogs, Website posts,YouTube videos, late night talk show appearances, ya know.... The important shit.

  2. hey hey! the foufounes électriques! I would have been there if i'd knew; because you know... well lets say i was at the up roar show only for seether!
    Glad to know you guys enjoyed the fouf!

  3. That's true about corn. But not popcorn. Thoughts?